Cabling & Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing are techniques used to support tree branches and leders (tree trunk) that may be weakly attached to the tree trunk. Cabling is used in the tree crown whereas bracing is used to support 2 or more tree trunks that may have a risk of one of the trunks failing from splitting at the opened crotch. Tree Express follows all of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300 standards when installing a cabling and bracing application on trees. We use Extra High Strength (EHS) cabling hardware to provide maximum strength to support tree branches. This type of tree cabling has a 3.5 times working load limit over common grade tree cabling. Bracing applications use machine threaded rods along with heavy duty washers and nuts to fasten each end of the rod when being applied to the opened tree crotch.

Cabling can be very effective to support parent branches of the crown by cabling weak branches with a stable branch that is on the opposite side thus limiting movement of the tree branches. However, if the tree climber does not understand how the tree cabling applications work or where they should be placed, there will be more harm done to the tree than good. The tree branches can easily be torn from the tree trunk if the come-a-long device that is used to pull tree limbs closer together is over tightened causing the tree branch to snap. Doing so will cause a permanent undesirable look to your tree. 

Tree Express bracing applications are used to support co-dominant leders on trees, which will support two or more leders to reduce the risk of the tree splitting and failing from weak crotch. Some trees may require more than 1 bracing depending on trunk diameter and opening. All trees are different, however, our arborists will recommend the right amount of bracing that is needed for your tree. Tree bracing installations are installed with the tree cabling hardware to add extra stability to the tree.

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