Tree Diagnostics

Tree Express Diagnostic Services are needed to help maintain the health of your trees and plants. Sometimes trees will experience sickness or insect infestations that can spread to other trees.  Often times the tree can be saved with the correct treatment.

An Arborist's main focus is on the health and safety of individual plants and trees.  Their knowledge of the diseases and insects that can attack your types of plants and trees can make the difference in the survival of your landscape vegetation.  Our ISA Certified Arborist (TX3759A) can help you determine what steps need to be taken to either save the tree or the trees around it.

Most times a simple treatment to your tree or plant is all that is needed to get it healthy again. With the guidance of an experienced Arborist most trees and plants can be saved.  Occasionally treatment will not help and you will need to have the tree removed so that its illness or infestation will not spread to surrounding trees.

Our Certified Arborist (TX3759A) also assesses trees to determine the health, structure and safety within a landscape. They advise on proper trimming and pruning techniques that are different for the different types of plants, shrubs and trees.

If you believe that one of your trees or plants may be showing signs of sickness, then you may need our skilled Arborist Services. Do not put it off because the life and health of your trees and landscaping plants may depend on it.

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